Friday, December 7, 2012

Your Place in the Picture

As the owners, publishers and founders of Country Line Magazine Sandra and I made a decision not long after we began this  adventure. We decided that we would never use the magazine to tear somebody down, we would never accept questionable advertising and we would give the glory and the honor to God. Over the years there have been many long days, time away from our kids and hardships we have struggled with. Most small family owned businesses do. We have also had some incredible moments and a lot of fun.
About five or six years ago we began a ministry for kids. Again, incorporating our passion for kids, the outdoor and the Lord, Kids Outdoor Zone was born. The ministry takes primarily, but not only, kids without dads on outdoor adventures. We also train men and women in churches to do what we do and they too come alongside kids they know and mentor them in outdoor adventures. And it has grown.
One of the most amazing and rewarding things that comes from the magazine is when a single mom tells us she found out about the ministry in those pages and brought her son. That through that connection his life has changed, that he accepted Christ, that he found a male role model or friends in KOZ.
Because of the support of the advertisers, and the readers, the lives of kids are changed. Forever. Each year we send out a letter to the folks who have donated to the ministry looking for support to take it through the end of the year and into the next. It is because of the generous support of those who see the vision of KOZ it is possible.
We would like to offer the letter to you this month and if you are so move, please help us in the quest to train more mentors and to make sure there is "No Kid Left Inside".
From TJ & Sandra Greaney: Kids Outdoor Zone,
I wanted to cry. I wanted to beat my fist against the wall. I wanted to take him up and rescue him when I heard the story. A little boy who was left at home while his mother enjoyed the beach with her newest boyfriend on a long weekend said he really did not care. He said he was fine and that he was used to it. He just wished he had not missed KOZ that weekend. He is 11.
 That is the story we hear over and over again. The stories of the kids make a KOZ leader strong in their pursuit of their hearts. Even a small glimpse of a kid's rescued heart brings exhilaration, satisfaction and a joy that is hard to express in words. It has wrecked, for His good, even the toughest leaders.
 Because of your support this year we have impacted more kids than ever before with life-changing experiences in outdoor adventure and through committed mentors. The stories include so many victories. A boy stepping up and mentoring another younger than he, both from fatherless homes. Girls weeping with joy and claiming an empowerment they have never known then accepting Christ as the Father they have never known. Incredible, and the stories go on and on.
 As the Christmas season comes and year-end giving is upon us we would like for you to consider the impact your support provides for KOZ kids. The needs are many -- growing the program, curriculum, training leaders, gear, trailer, land.
 The majority of the kids who come to our camps, adventures and meetings have little or no financial means. Most have no father nor male role model at home. Their lives consist of broken promises and abandoned dreams. It is the support of our donors that has made KOZ available to the hearts of thousands of kids and the adult leaders who care for them.
 "I don't know how to thank you. My son has come back to me. KOZ is what he needed, and I am so grateful for those men. Thank you, God, for KOZ," explained a mom after summer camp, tears rolling down her cheeks.
 We know God is the foundation of this program. Matthew 7:24-27: “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall because it had its foundation on the rock."
 If you would like to meet and talk about possible land donations or other ways you can support the program, please call me personally: (512) 789-3838.
Donations can be made with this envelope or online at
Thank you.
In battle for their hearts,
TJ Greaney
Founder, Kids Outdoor Zone

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